Computer Science BS/MS switch and the dawn of a new club

I now have two big things that I'm doing in addition to everything else. First, I'm planning on switching over to the Computer Science BS/MS program. So I'll get a Masters in Computer Science with one additional year of college, putting me at 2010. For the MS degree, I plan on doing a cluster in computer graphics. It's been a topic that has always intrigued me, but it wasn't until this year that I was really able to dig into it with my Computer Graphics I course. Next quarter I'll be taking my first graduate course, Computer Graphics II, which means I'll have extra work to do, but it should be good since it's interesting material. I'm also looking to start a Computer Science Club/Organization here at RIT. Currently, nothing exists. To get things rolling, I've been talking with the chair of the CS department and with many friends in computer science who are all very interested. I want it to be a place were CS majors can meet each other through different social events, as well as a place to give student input directly to the department. Along side organizing I am trying to design some CS T-shirts/sweatshirts to sell to students who are proud to be a Computer Science major. In the next few weeks I'll be setting up a meeting to get student feedback and to see if anyone is willing to work on the executive board. I'm already VP of another club, so I would need people willing to help out.