Learn iPhone Programming via Skill Share in Rochester, NY

I'm teaching a small hands-on course for iPhone development in Rochester, NY on April 21st 10am-12pm.


Space is limited: http://skl.sh/rIUWEE

About this Class

Learn how to get started with iPhone/iPad development and start making iPhone/iPad apps today. Install the tools and create an app without prior experience.

Lecture: 30-45 minute lecture on getting started

  • Xcode - Code editor
  • Objective-C - Computer language
  • Setting up developer credentials

Workshop: 1:30 hours

  • Learn how to start programming
  • Build your first app - hands on learning

Recommended Reading

About Paul Solt

  • Computer science graduate student at RIT
  • Worked at Apple Inc. and Microsoft.
  • 4 years as a computer science student instructor at RIT
  • 5 apps on App Store
  • 12 years of programming experience


  • Mac computer (Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac)
  • Install Xcode 4.3+ from the Mac App Store. http://developer.apple.com/xcode/
  • (Optional) Bring iPhone/iPad with usb cables
  • (Optional) Register as a iOS Developer $99/year: https://developer.app