Super Easy Apps, Brew Coffee App, and Row the Aussie

What I'm working on:

1. Super Easy Apps

Learn how to make an iPhone app in one hour from a wholistic and approachable training on design, code, marketing, revenue, and customer service.

2. Brew Coffee App

Make amazing pour-over coffee at home using your iPhone and Apple Watch.

3. Row the Australian Shepherd (frisbee dog!)

Row an australian shepherd

PAX 10

Wow. I just got back from the PAX 10 competition sponsored by Penny Arcade ( It's a competition for the top 10 games developed by independent game developers. I worked on Impulse with a group of students from RIT and my brother. It's a physics based game around movement. You use magnetism and impulse forces to get around the level. It was a 10 week project, so it's still missing some of the game elements to make it into a full game, but it's a great prototype.

We're now working on it to get it to a point where it will be able to be distributed.

For the game I worked on the particle effects to give the player a sense of what's happening and to make it look pretty. I'm looking to revamp the system now that I have time to design and structure it for more complex, yet pretty effects. I'm also working on a level editor to make level creation a whole lot less painful.

Spring Quarter

Wow, it's already week 2 of spring quarter and I've got a heavy load. Here's a link to my main RIT web page that I updated with current course work. RIT Webpage So far I have links for two of the classes I'm taking with graphical pictures, code, and possibly even some executable files. Work on the game project is being delayed because of all the course work, and I'm also working on a separate game project for the Game Developers Club, so I'm pulled in a lot of different programming directions.

Ultimate Frisbee starts next week and I'm also working on filling out my application packet for the Student Government GCCIS Senator position, so that could be interesting in the next few weeks.


My WordPress blog is finally alive! Thing's have been busy here at RIT. I find myself pulled in so many different directions all at the same time. It's a mix between courses, work, and club related activities. However I'm still managing to stay organized and on top of all my work. The only thing that's been slacking has been my visits to the gym, which is my favorite place on campus.

The big news for this week besides the blog is that my club, the Game Developers Club, will be hosting a series of presentations on Microsoft's XNA framework and how to use it through Game Studio Express. Check out the flier here.

I've been doing quite a bit of administrative work for the club, so I'm hoping that these presentations turn out well and that all my hard work starts to pay off. A lot of people are interested in the topic, so it has the potential to be huge. I guess I'll find out on Saturday.