iPhone Player/Stage Remote Control

Here's the iPhone Player/Stage Remote Control project! There's a .pdf that describes how to setup Xcode in the .zip file.

[caption id="attachment_456" align="aligncenter" width="539" caption="Controlling a Robot over Wi-Fi"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_455" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="A Virtual Robot in a Virtual World"][/caption]

The goal of this project was to use the Player/Stage robotics code on the iPhone to communicate and control robots. I discuss how to setup the Xcode development environment. There are two example Xcode projects. The first one is an Objective-C project that wraps around the C++ Player/Stage code. The second project is a very primitive C++ program running on the iPhone without any UI. Both of these Xcode projects are fully documented and will serve as a starting point to iPhone Player/Stage development.

iPhone Player/Stage Remote Control Project: iPhonePlayerStage

Feel free to ask questions and let me know how you use the code.

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